9 Smart Yard and Gardening Tool Storage Ideas

Keep Your Yard Work Clutter-Free

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While it may seem easier to just toss yard tools (think your rake, a shovel, or a garden cultivator) into the garage or even onto the grass between uses, that can get pretty sloppy—and disrespectful to your equipment.

Yard and garden tools should be stored outdoors, where they are most likely to be needed, but be kept out of the way safely and neatly. The good news is that smarter yard tool or gardening tool storage won’t require buying a new piece of equipment to organize your other equipment: Many outdoor storage solutions involve items probably already hanging around at home or in the yard.

Organizing tools is helpful in that it helps you keep a handle on what you have and where it is, so you don’t end up buying tools you don’t need. Take good care of your tools and they’ll continue to take good care of you and their purposes for years to come.

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    Repurpose an Old Mailbox

    Repurpose an old mailbox

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    If you have an old-fashioned mailbox you are no longer using, this can be a really effective place to store your gardening tools (or other tools) so they are accessible but also out of the way.

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    Create a Makeshift Tool Bucket

    tool bucket

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    Most households have old paint cans or large buckets from plaster or other household products—those can also be used to store tools! Those handy 5-gallon buckets even have a built-in lid, which is useful for protecting any tools stored outdoors from weather elements that may cause them to rust or leave them muddied.

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    Build a Shed

    Outdoor shed in small garden

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    The best part of an outdoor shed is that it protects everything inside from the elements, but it is still outside and easily accessible mid-home improvement project. Sheds are a great way to store all your yard and gardening tools in one place. While some heavy or sharp tools can be dangerous elsewhere by posing a risk of falling onto equipment (or pets or people!), in a shed they are safely out of the way and enclosed.

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    Utilize a Wood Pallet

    A wood pallet with tools

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    An old wood pallet can be used for so many organizational purposes, but one especially simple use is for gardening or yard tool storage. The tools will stay enclosed and contained in one organized position, keeping everyone who passes by safe from items falling, but they're still easy to grab when needed. Perhaps best of all, this yard tool storage idea requires minimal pallet refinishing, painting, or prep, so setting up your storage is easy.

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    Hang Some Hooks

    gardening hooks


    Hooks have endless possibilities for storage and organization. Whether you're hanging tools or even a hose, a hook can be attached to any surface that has the space—from fences to the exterior walls of the house to the garage. Hooks are easy to find in most hardware stores and can be used to keep everything from hoses to cables to gardening tools out of the way and off the ground.

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    Build Racks Into the Fence

    Tools hanging on fence

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    Tool racks are an excellent way to keep those rakes and shovels safe, secure, and off the ground, where someone can easily trip over them and hurt themselves. These racks are slim, take up minimal space, and can hold tons of tools. Even if you lack a garage, shed, or other structure, you can try a handy tool rack on a fence or the back of the house.

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    Create a Pegboard

    Pegboards holding tools

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    A pegboard can hold and carry everything from gardening shears to a yard rake, and it’s so versatile, too—it can be customized to suit whatever storage or organizational need you have. A pegboard is ideal for hanging large tools vertically, but is also awesome for smaller tools and accessories.

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    Grab That Scrap Wood

    Build tool storage shelf

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    Scrap wood is just hanging around the garage or the attic, taking up space, right? A perfect use for it is to build a shelf and turn some of that vertical space into storage. (This storage idea is so helpful, it may even be worth picking up new building supplies to corral your jumbled garage.) This works for heftier equipment, like the lawn mower or snow blower. You may not need the tool until next season, but it'll be there waiting when the time comes.

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    Get a Garden Storage Bench

    storage bench

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    When space is at a premium, the best option is always to find items that can do several jobs at once. A garden storage bench can store small tools right in the seat of the bench, and the seat offers a place to rest or even put small potted plants or other items.