Yard and Patio Crafts

How to Make Crafts for Your Garden and Patio

Here are some creative ideas to help you dress up your yard and decorate your patio or deck. These are among my favorite outdoor crafts and I hope they soon become yours. If you have to create a unique outdoor craft, please take a moment to submit it to be included in this collection.

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    3-D CD Sun Catcher

    3-D CD Sun Catcher
    3-D CD Sun Catcher.

    A visitor named Roland was nice enough to share these directions to help you create a cool sun catcher using 6 CDs and a few other supplies.

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    Bagel Bird Feeder
    Bagel Bird Feeder.

    Discover how easy it is to make a bird feeder out of a bagel covered with bird seed. The birds will enjoy eating the seed and keep going once they get to the bagel.

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    Clay Bird Bath
    Clay Bird Bath.

    Discover how easy it is to make a decorative bird bath out of a few large flower pots and a saucer. Use your imagination to create your own design.

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    You can use a variety of supplies, that can be found outside, to create miniature houses that you can use to decorate your garden or patio.

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    Flower Pot People
    Flower Pot People.

    A visitor named Cacien explains how she created this amazing garden creation out of several clay pots.

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    Garden Marker Craft
    Garden Marker Craft.

    This tutorial teaches you how to use old wooden spoons and pictures of vegetables and plants to make row markers for your garden.

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    Garden Stepping Stones
    Garden Stepping Stones.

    While store purchased stepping stones can be a little spendy, you can use these directions to make your own. Gather the family together and everyone can join the fun.

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    How to Create a Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Garden
    Butterfly Garden. David Silverman/Getty Images

    Read through these fun suggestions, shared by Sheila, and learn how to create a garden that butterflies will flock to.

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    Mosaic Tin Can Planter

    Mosaic Tin Can Planter
    Mosaic Tin Can Planter.

    Learn how to use mosaic techniques to cover a tin can and use this planter on your deck or patio.

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    Patio Light Cover

    Patio Light Cover
    Patio Light Cover.

    Discover how easy it is to dress up a plain string of lights by recycling soda pop bottles.

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    Pine Cone Bird Feeder

    Pine Cone Bird Feeder
    Pine Cone Bird Feeder.

    This project sheet explains how to use a pine cone to create a bird feeder.

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    Pine Needle and Milk Jug Bird Houses

    Pine Needle and Milk Jug Bird Houses
    Pine Needle and Milk Jug Bird Houses.

    A visitor named Paula shares how she made decorative bird houses using plastic milk jugs and pine needles.

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    Plastic Jug Bird Feeder

    Plastic Jug Bird Feeder Craft
    Plastic Jug Bird Feeder.

    Besides making bird houses out of plastic jugs, you can also make bird feeders using these directions shared by Shanna.

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    Tin Can Luminary

    Tin Can Luminary
    Tin Can Luminary.

    This is a wonderful and creative way to add a glow to your patio, deck, or garden.

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    Toad Houses

    Toad Houses
    Toad Houses.

    You can attract toads to your garden, create a wonderful garden decoration, and have some creative family fun all at the same time.

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    Garden Crafts

    Sheila shares some great ideas that will help you craft your own wind chimes using items you find lying around your house and yard.