Make a Yard Sale Map Using Google Maps

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    Make a Yard Sale Map

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    As you know, learning is often found in everyday life. From cell phone plans to lemonade stands, your child uses math in his daily life without even thinking about it. If you’re like my family, you and your children love shopping at yard sales to find all sort of good deals. If you’re avid yard salers, then there’s another way to add a little social studies to his daily: making a yard sale map.

    The first thing you need to do is gather the newspaper or scout out yard sale signs to decide where...MORE you want to go. Make a list of the addresses and the times at which each yard sale starts. Then, you’re ready to make your yard sale map.

    Google Maps is a fantastic tool for a number of different things. It can be used for driving directions, looking up and address or simply getting a larger view of the world we live in. For the purposes of making a yard sale map, you and your child will be limiting yourselves to using a few of Google Maps many tools.

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    Log Onto to Google Maps

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    Log into your Google Account and navigate to the Google Maps homepage.
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    Locate "My Places" on Google Map

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    Click on the “My Places” button.
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    Create Your Own Google Yard Sale Map

    Then click on the red “Create Map” button.
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    Start at Home

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    Enter your home address in the search bar at the top of the map and hit the search icon (it looks like a magnifying glass).
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    Name Your Google Map "My Yard Sale Map"

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    Click on the red dewdrop that appear on the map. A pop up menu will appear with the address and the street view. Hit the “Save to map” link. It will then ask you to which map you would like to save the address. Use the drop down menu to scroll down to “Create new map.”

    The map will save with your address as its name. On the left hand side of the page, hit the red “Edit” button to re-title your map. Call it something easy like “Yard Sale Map,” then hit “Save.”

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    Find Your Home on the Map

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    Your map now has a red dewdrop icon and a blue one. At the top of the map, click on the blue icon next to the hand to add a placemark. Place the icon exactly on top of the one on your home address.
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    Create a Home Icon on Your Google Map

    Screenshot: © Amanda Morin
    A box will pop up giving you the option to put in a title and other descriptions. Name this placemark “Home” and then click on the blue dewdrop in the corner to get a selection of icons to choose from. Choose whichever one you like (we chose the one that looks like a house!)
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    Finish Your Google Yard Sale Map

    Screenshot: © Amanda Morin

    Use the zoom tool to zoom in close enough to see the names of the surrounding streets.

    One by one, type in the addresses of the yard sales you want to visit. Click on the blue placemark icon to place a marker on the map. Again, change the icon to one that suits you (we used the flag) and then enter whatever details you want to know about the yard sale. It’s a good idea to note the time, because not many people appreciate early birds!

    When you are finished, you will have a map that you can zoom to...MORE your specifications. One the left hand side all of your placemarks and notes will be recorded. You can print the map and begin your yard sale adventures!

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