Yarn for Crocheting Spring and Summer Fashions

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A reader wants to know what kind of yarn can be used to create fashions for spring and summer.  

There are many different threads and yarns that could work for crocheting warm-weather wear. Typically, for summer wear, you might want to go with a crochet thread or fine yarn. Check out this page for a few suggestions:

Where to buy crochet thread

Cotton is one of my summertime favorites. I prefer organic cotton, for all the reasons I've written about in my article about organic cotton yarn. You are invited to visit that page if you would be interested in seeing some additional suggestions for yarns that could work well for wearing in the springtime and summertime.

I particularly like Knitpicks "Simply Cotton." I wrote a review of the Simply Cotton Worsted, but the lighter sport weight version of the yarn is equally lovely and possibly a better choice for summertime wear, depending on what you want to make (and where you live.)

Silk is also nice for both summer and winter wear. It's magically cool in the summer time and warm in the winter time, so it's a great choice if you can afford it. Unfortunately, it tends to be really expensive. Also, you have to be a little bit careful in choosing what you make with it because silk can "grow" over time.

So it's best not to make, for example, tight fitted tops using silk because they might not retain the fitted look for long. Drapey flowing garments are a better choice.

Silk blends can be lovely for summertime wear and are sometimes less expensive too.

Are you familiar with Kristin Omdahl's work? If I remember correctly, Kristin lives in Florida, land of perpetual summer, and she designs many lovely spring and summer-friendly patterns.

I suggest looking at the book "Crochet So Fine" for some patterns, ideas, and additional yarn suggestions you could use.

You're also invited to visit my pages featuring free crochet patterns for springtime and summer time. My pages focus more on accessory-type items than they do on clothing, but you'll find plenty of wearables such as cotton scarves, which are nice to wear on chilly spring mornings and evenings.

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