9 Pretty Pastel Decor Items That Work From Now Through Fall

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Pastel spring decor

2K Studio / Getty Images

While pastel decor may conjure images of warm spring days, designers know pops of peach, sage, and lavender can have a place in your home all year long. It all comes down to how many pastel pieces you incorporate, the overall palette, and your personal style.

"Certain pastels like light blue could be considered neutral and fit into your decor scheme year round," says designer Angela Hamwey of Mackenzie & Co. "When used thoughtfully, shades of green and peach can also offer a nature-inspired feel."

Whether you want to infuse earthy color or make a more bold statement, figuring out how you want to decorate with pastels comes down to a few factors. Be sure that any pastel decor complements a room's existing aesthetic, as well as the character of the rest of your home for a winning, timeless look that'll be in style far past spring.

Ready to add some pastel to your home? Check out some of our favorite recommendations that will last through fall.

Etsy Blush Lavender Dried Flower Arrangement

Dried floral bouquet


A simple, affordable way to incorporate an array of pastels any time of year is through dried flowers, plants, and grasses.

"They have that soft color to them and can last through the summer and into the fall. Add or remove color as you want throughout the seasons," says designer Maren Baker. Further switch up the palette through a colored vase.


Lulu & Georgia Aimee Mohair Throw

mohair throw blanket

Lulu & Georgia

Blankets and pillows are another easy way to bring a fresh color into your living room or bedroom.

"A cozy pastel throw blanket can freshen up your space and feel appropriate in the spring and summer, but also keep you warm into the fall," Baker says.

H&M Home Glass Candle Lantern

Glass candle holder


Change out your pastel decor whenever you'd like by going for pastel candle holders like these glass ones from H&M.

"Easy pastel decor that you can keep out for months and also reuse at other special times of the year are candles," Baker says. "Pastel candle holders can sit on your table, entry table, or mantel."

Threshold 47" x 24" Mauve Abstract Framed Canvas

Pastel abstract wall art


"Pastel colors have evolved beyond their association with Miami Vice decor," says designer Drea Peters. "They offer versatility that one may not anticipate."

For example, pick a modern pastel piece of art or add visual interest to any room with pastel-painted baseboards, window trim, or doors for subtle contrast. "Pastels can complement richer colors and patterns, building a layered palette," she says.

Mustard Made The Lowdown in Lilac

Lilac tv cabinet

Mustard Made

Becca Stern, co-founder and creative director of Mustard Made, is a big fan of pastel home decor. While lilac may seem like a bold option, it works with the right palette.

"It can create a calming and sophisticated feeling," she says. "Try pairing lilac with neutral shades like white and lots of natural timber pieces to create a perfect balance of texture and colors in your space."

AllModern Laureate Handmade Wool Light Beige/Light Slate/Mustard/Dusty Pink Rug

Mustard dusty pink rug


Fans of modern, colorful design will love a pastel geometric rug. Like with artwork, candles, greenery, and more, rugs are a straightforward way to show off your style.

"Create intentional moments by incorporating pastels through decorative elements, artwork, or textiles that layer in splashes of color," Hamwey says.

HappyWall Green on Pink Grid Pattern Wallpaper

green and pink grid wallpaper


Although some may think of pastels for children's rooms, when paired with deeper, more saturated hues, they work for any age as seen in this fun wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper with a hint of pastel as an accent wall or jewel-box moment.

"When used in the correct proportions, these soft shades will work positively to brighten up and invigorate a space," Hamwey says.

Lulu & Georgia Arlo Linen Pillow

Blush pink throw pillow

Lulu & Georgia

Pillows are one of the best ways to add pastel to a space. Try a terracotta or blush pillow for a compliment to any neutral seating or mix and match with a pastel throw, rug, artwork, and more. The options are limitless, just make sure each item you choose works together.

Veluckin Small Floating Shelves Mini Cloud Shelves

Mini cloud shaped shelves


Create a fun, colorful home for your plants with pastel floating shelves. Throw in some pastel pampas grass, lilacs, roses, or more for an even larger splash of color that you can switch up any time of year.

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