6 Yellow Bedroom Photos and Ideas

Warm yellow bedroom decor
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Yellow is a warm color that offers bright and cozy feelings; it reminds us of sunshine, warm summer days, and little buttercup flowers. A very popular color used for nurseries and kid bedrooms because it can be lively, fun and universal for either gender. Yellow also looks good in traditional, contemporary, or eclectic bedroom styles creating elegant and stylish rooms. If yellow is the color for you, here are some great photos, ideas and color combinations that will help you get started.

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    Blue and Yellow Work Well Together

    Eclectic Bedroom Designed by Willey Design LLC.
    Photo by David Jacquot for Willey Design LLC

    Two colors that will create a pleasing color scheme for your bedroom is yellow and blue. This color duo is a long-term partnership as well as a fail-safe solution for a unique, fun, and gorgeous color concept. A wonderful example of this duo at work is with this lively, eclectic bedroom designed by Willey Design LLC. This tropical, coastal living style bedroom uses yellow as its dominant color on the walls and window treatments along with white. The pops of blue on the headboard, bed skirt, area rug, and artwork tie the room together create a whimsically charming design concept and room.

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    Yellow and Green Is a Wonderful Idea for Bedrooms

    Contemporary Bedroom
    Photo Courtesy of Blackstone Edge Studios.

    Yellow and green is a safe and easy color scheme to use in any room in your home, especially bedrooms. There are many ways to pair up these two shades together; one successful combination is to use yellow as your dominant color—wall paint color—with a secondary color of white or soft beige. The final touch would be to add accents of green through the addition of artwork, decorative pillows, or small pieces of furniture. A common practice is to use a piece of artwork or pattern as a guide for your color scheme. This lovely contemporary bedroom designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc. has a color scheme that closely resembles the gorgeous piece of artwork above the bed. Brilliant use of color by the artist is carried over into the design and color scheme within the room.

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    Combine Yellow With Brown to Add Some Romance

    Traditional Romantic via Something Brue
    Photo Courtesy of Something Brue.

    Two colors that will create a traditional and rich space are yellow and brown. A soft, muted yellow or creamy wall color along with rich, dark chocolate brown can create a romantic and cozy bedroom such as this room designed by Something Brue. To keep the nice, subtle flow and ambiance within the room a little touch of sparkle can be found within the golden chandelier and a few other key pieces of furniture and decor.

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    Create Some Harmony With Yellow

    Contemporary Bedroom by Sara Ingrassia Interiors
    Photo Courtesy of Sara Ingrassia Interiors.

    One color combination to consider is an analogous or harmonious color scheme. These types of color schemes are hues that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and green or orange and yellow. This color scheme can be extended to a range of three to four colors next to each other, such as this eclectic bedroom design by Sara Ingrassia Interiors. This fun bedroom uses orange, yellow, green, and blue to create a cohesive and trendy design. Yellow is the main color used in this bedroom with green and white as secondary colors, but the use of turquoise blue and splashes of red-orange give this bedroom the zing needed to create a complete and unique design.

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    Bright Yellow Bedroom

    Yellow Daisy Bedroom
    Studiosnowden / Dreamstime

    If you love yellow then you’ll love this warm and cheery bedroom idea. A lovely room inspired by vibrant yellow daisies throughout the bedding, bed sheets, and lamps. The wonderful use of pops of green and white along with a well-thought-out monochromatic color scheme and many variations of patterns helps pull this dynamic design concept together.

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    Use Yellow as an Accent Color

    Contemporary Guest Bedroom
    Photo Courtesy of George Ross Photographs Inc.

    Yellow is a wonderful accent color. If it’s paired with a nice variety of cool shades it will pop! A great example of how yellow can be used as a fun accent color is in this trendy, contemporary bedroom designed by Tara Seawright Inc. The use of dark grey patterned wallpaper, white furniture, light grey headboard, and other dark shades make the yellow drapes and accents shine! This design looks complex, but it’s easy to achieve. With a little planning and ingenuity, you too can combine patterns and color schemes to create a pleasing and stylish bedroom like this one.