16 Yellow Bedroom Ideas to Copy

Bedroom with bright yellow circle decorating back wall with two framed art pieces

The Spruce / Sarah Crowley

Yellow is a warm color that offers bright and cozy feelings; it reminds us of sunshine, warm summer days, and little buttercup flowers. It's commonly a popular color used for nurseries and kid bedrooms because it can be lively, fun, and universal for either gender. Yellow also looks good in traditional, contemporary, or eclectic bedroom styles creating elegant and stylish rooms. If yellow is the color for you, here are some great photos, ideas and color combinations that will help you get started.

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    Bright Yellow Wallpaper

    bedroom with floral yellow wallpaper, accented with red and orange tones, wicker and wood furniture

    Dazey Den

    Another easy way to bring yellow into your decor is by using wallpaper that includes it as the primary color. A floral pattern is always a winner, especially in the room pictured here. Despite that the yellow flowers are the only yellow item present, the wallpaper effortlessly ties together the other tones and items throughout the rest of the room.

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    Use Accent Furniture

    bedroom with study nook, yellow desk with blue walls, bookshelves

    Studio Peak

    Bringing in yellow to a bedroom can feel like a daunting task, so start small by choosing a single piece of accent furniture. Even in a room with cool tones, one brightly colored statement piece can illuminate the space. A chair or a desk, like the room above did here, shows how yellow can still be eye-catching without dominating the whole room.

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    Pair with Warm Tones

    bedroom with yellow circle mural on white wall, yellow bedsheets, floating shelf with plants

    Dazey Den

    Without a doubt, yellow can pair well with plenty of different colors across the spectrum. However, pairing yellow with hues such as red or orange can create an environment that is inviting and warm. Yellow and orange in particular invoke the idea of the sun, and can easily rejuvenate you in the morning after a great night's rest.

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    Monochromatic Yellow Color Scheme

    monochromatic yellow bedroom

    Amanda Marie Martinez/Instagram

    If you're afraid that there is such a thing as too much yellow in a room, we ask you to think again. Working with a monochromatic color scheme takes thoughtfulness, but the results are well worth it. An easy way to achieve this is by sticking with a similar shade of yellow, yet using different fabrics, textures, and elements. This room, designed by Amanda Marie Martinez, uses the closet door, window panes, statement chair, and plush sofa bench at the end of the bed as a canvas to display the cheery yellow hue. The white walls help each item pop, and the different elements at play make for an interesting and delightful space.

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    Play With Texture and Patterns

    bedroom with yellow floral foil accent wall, framed prints hanging above bed, floral pillows and curtains

    Tyler Karu Design

    Yellow is a wonderful accent color. If it’s paired with a nice variety of cool shades, it will pop! Rather than sticking with solid color decor items, playing with different textures and patterns can bring yellow to life in a whole new way. The golden wallpaper grabs your attention, yet the small gallery wall above the bed featuring different colors and styles doesn't detract from the background. Add in the floral pillows and wicker lamp, and you have an intriguing and stunning result. This design looks complex, but it’s easy to achieve. With a little planning and ingenuity, you too can combine patterns and color schemes to create a pleasing and stylish bedroom.

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    Yellow, Orange, and Blue Eclectic Bedroom

    eclectic bedroom with orange, blue, and yellow color scheme

    Dazey Den

    There's no need to shy away from bold colors. Bringing together bright shades of blue, orange, and yellow can serve as a fantastic backdrop for an eclectic bedroom like this one from Dazey Den. The gorgeous wallpaper in turquoise with golden accents, orange throw and curtains, and the yellow comforter all work together to create a stunning space. The additions of the geometric lamps, hanging wall art, and unique chandelier creates an eclectic style we absolutely love.

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    Blue and Yellow Work Well Together

    bedroom with yellow and blue decor

    Maite Granda

    Two colors that will create a pleasing color scheme for your bedroom are yellow and blue. This color duo is a long-term partnership as well as a fail-safe solution for a unique, fun, and gorgeous color concept. Maite Granda does an excellent job in this room, using the sofa bench at the end of the bed and a single accent pillow to bring a bright burst of yellow, but anchors it with dark blues in the adjacent pillows, bedside lamps, and striped rug on the ground. The whole room comes together in perfect, colorful harmony.

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    Simple Details to Make a Difference

    children's room with yellow, gray, and blue color scheme

    Tyler Karu

    Adding this vibrant color to your space is often as easy as including it in simple details around the room. The blanket on the end of this bed has a simple yellow circular pattern, brightening up the gray and white tones that dominate most of the room. Rather than going big by painting a wall or including several types of yellow, weave smaller aspects throughout.

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    Playful Plush Headboard

    bedroom with plush yellow headboard, yellow mural, orange blankets

    Dazey Den

    Another fun way to bring the sunshine into your bedroom is by incorporating a stunning headboard as a statement piece. This version brings a softness with its plush fabric paired with a yellow tone. It allows the color to shine without too much trouble.

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    Yellow and Gray: a Grown-Up Pair

    mustard yellow and gray midcentury modern bedroom

    Red and Grey Brick/Instagram

    For those concerned that yellow is only for eclectic or children's rooms, try pairing yellow with gray. These two balance each other well, especially a mustard yellow and lighter stone gray–they create a sophisticated pairing that is equal parts light and grounded. Finding a wallpaper or wall art that includes both hues is a great way to unite the room, then decorate with different items in solid patterns. The results feel grown-up and stylish.

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    Dark Golden Tones

    bedroom with mustard color back wall, modern decor

    Styling House Stark/Instagram

    Rather than sticking with neon or lemon yellows, try using a darker version in your room instead, such as mustard or gold. Some lean towards an orange shade, which can open up to an entire range of possibilities. This is a great choice, particularly if you have lighter or white decor like the room shown here. The white artwork and dresser stand out exceptionally well against the darker backdrop color.

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    Pastel Yellow for a Calming Nursery

    traditional, vintage style bedroom with yellow floral walls, wicker and wood furniture

    Becca Interiors

    If you're trying to create a soothing atmosphere, try using a pastel yellow to soften the mood. Rather than bright, exuberant tones, the pastel wallpaper here sets the tone for a relaxing, welcoming environment and easily pairs well with the wooden, classic decor items included in the rest of the room–a perfect setup for a nursery. This can work well for traditional-style bedrooms as well.

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    Use Yellow as an Accent Wall

    bedroom with bright yellow accent wall, prints hanging on wall,

    Mango Manor/Instagram

    A pop of yellow can make all the difference, and it works incredibly well as an accent wall. Regardless of which shade you use, any version will stand out and have guests admiring your daring color choice. Brighter hues are a big splash for accent walls, given their ability to hold their own despite other walls and decor maintaining a typically neutral tone.

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    Yellow and Pink: a Dream Team

    boho western bedroom with pink walls, yellow headboard

    Swoon Worthy Blog/Instagram

    Yellow and pink can create the stunning bedroom of your dreams. Soft pinks and muted yellows create a soft, upscale feel without going over the top in the process. This eclectic guest bedroom really proves our point, with soft pink walls and bedspread paired with a golden yellow headboard and quilt. Both shades allow other patterns to stand out, like the leopard print pillows displayed prominently on the bed.

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    Try Using a Yellow Throw

    playful, colorful bedroom with yellow throw, flower decor, patterned rug

    Candy Colored Home/Instagram

    Want to try out yellow but not commit to paint or wallpaper? Test the waters by using a yellow throw on your bed or over a chair instead. Even a solid color can make a big impact on the rest of the room and can be arranged in a variety of ways to achieve the look you desire.

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    Primary Color Scheme

    primary color bedroom

    Maite Granda

    One of the most well-known color schemes involving yellow is a primary color scheme. Containing red, blue, and yellow, these colors can be used in a wide range of themes, from coastal, beach-inspired, or even just through simple touches on a neutral backdrop like the bedroom shown here. This trio is always a safe bet and a delightful color scheme to work with.