11 Amazing Yellow Spaces

Living room with yellow accent color furniture
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There's a world of colors to choose from when decorating your home and each of them has its own superpower for how to transform your home. Take yellow for instance - one of everyone's favorite colors. It has an unparalleled ability to get people to break out into big smiles whenever they see it. Yellow is a strong, warm color like red or orange, and so usually it's used in small pops. But as you'll see, yellow is a color that will let you go as big or small as you like. All it takes is a bit of creativity, some inspiration and a few of the right tricks. Now we can't provide the creativity, but it just so happens that we've got a few rooms full of inspiration and tricks for making yellow's many smile-inducing shades a part of the color palette in your favorite room.

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    How to Decorate With Yellow

    Layers of yellow in a living room
    Cool Chic Style Fashion

    One of the best ways to bring yellow into your space in a big way without it all becoming too much is to blend it with colors that complement it. This space pairs lots of yellow with some of the shades that bring out the best in it including the green on the sofa and the doors in the background as well as the blue of the throw pillow and rug. It's easy for a lot of yellow to become too much, but by creating this kind of balancing act can help you keep everything just right.

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    Contrasting Colors

    Bright yellow sitting room with purple curtains

    Contrasting colors can be just as good as complementary shades when looking to tone down a bold color like yellow. Here, purple curtains every bit as bold as the surrounding yellow walls create a break in the yellow without losing the energy of the space. The yellow embroidery at the edges of the curtains echo the walls, creating cohesion. 

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    A Clever Pop of Yellow

    Glass door with yellow trim in a white room
    Front + Main

    Yellow is the type of color that makes a strong statement even when it isn't covering the walls. Sometimes just a little bit is all you need, like a shot of yellow that wakes up a mostly-neutral space. In this room, a touch of yellow around the edges is all it takes to make the door the center of attention.  

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    Yellow in the Kitchen

    Modern kitchen with yellow cabinetry

    Kitchens are always on the hunt for more personality. No matter how good the food that comes out of them, the drive to make a kitchen into something more than a purely functional space continues to pull new levels of creativity out of designers of all types. The cabinets are a great place to start when looking to add a little color to the area. Here, a bright yellow spread across the cabinetry turns an otherwise neutral kitchen into a curated space that's as memorable as it is colorful.

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    A Yellow Backdrop for Art

    Bright yellow room with black and white art

    Art is always a necessary step in any space, but the question is always to figure out how the art will relate to the rest of the room. White walls are traditionally considered to be the best background for art because they won't compete with the work. However, ​when the art is mostly white, or black and white, such as in a photograph, colorful walls might just be the way to go. The black and white photo in this space helps to break up the color of the walls while the yellow wall gives a more vibrant backdrop to the image than a neutral colored wall could. It's a great way to blur the line between where your art ends and your room begins.

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    Layers of Yellow With Art

    Bright yellow sofa and art
    Home Design Ideas

    Another way to use art when bringing yellow to a space is to create layers of the color between the wall art and your furniture. The bright, multi-colored artwork above the couch in this space is packing just enough yellow to match up perfectly with the vibrant couch.

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    A Bright Spot in a Moody Room

    Moody room with bright yellow lounge chair
    Christina Hamoui

    Even when you're working to create one complete unified look in a space, there are times when going in the opposite direction, just for a moment, is the key to bringing it all together. Such is the case in this deep and moody room punctuated by a single bright yellow lounge chair.

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    Yellow Dining Chairs

    Dining room with bright yellow chairs
    Live Wallpaper

    The dining room is another part of the home that can always benefit from the smile-inducing properties of yellow. Colorful seating is a great way to make a statement in the dining room and yellow is the perfect color to do it with. The assortment of bright, sunny chairs around this table is sure to bring a shot of energy to every meal. 

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    Yellow Window Dressing

    Home office defined by vibrant yellow curtains
    Ever After Guide

    In our rush to address the walls and floors, we often overlook our windows and the dressings that we place on them. But using a color like yellow will help ensure that you never overlook them again. In a space with enough windows and high ceilings, a colorful curtain choice can carry just as much weight as painting the walls. Here, we see the effect of curtains in a deep sunny on a home office with whimsical wall murals and a bright yellow chair.

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    Yellow Kitchen Counters

    Kitchen with vibrant yellow countertop
    Camille Styles

    Like the dining room, the kitchen is a space that can always do with a little more style. This is especially true in kitchens where space is at a premium and there just isn't room for designer appliances and a custom kitchen island. In instances like that, color is your best option, and if you're not going to go all out with your backsplash, why not color your counters instead? This petite kitchen is sure to receive a lot of love solely for the beautiful bright yellow countertop that invites all of the cooks in the house to try something new.

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    Classics in Yellow

    Blue room with stunning yellow chinoiserie cabinet
    Derica Cole Washington

    Vintage pieces always add a sense of depth to any space. But when you can get a classic look with a cool, modern colorway, that is a find to remember - and hold on to. This gigantic yellow chinoiserie closet in a show-stopping shade of yellow leaves no doubt as to what the centerpiece of this room is. Paired with blue walls in a fetching geometric design and smaller pops of color throughout, this piece completes the look of the space in a very stylish way.