Yo-Kai Watch Toys

Are your kids talking about Yo-Kai Watch toys? Yo-Kai Watch first originated in Japan as an animated television episode and a popular Nintendo 3DS game.

In the story, a young boy receives a watch that he can use to summon or call one of over 200 Yo-Kai to help him solve everyday problems. But not all Yo-Kai are good, some are silly and cause trouble. Yo-Kai are everywhere, but can't be seen with they eye, unless you have a Yo-Kai Watch!

In the video game, in order to be come friends, some...MORE Yo-Kai want to be impressed. Battle them and they might reward you with a medal as proof they are a friend and an ally. Develop your own strategy and work together with your Yo-Kai to solve problems.

Children in the United States are now able to enjoy Yo-Kai Watch through the Nintendo 3DS game, as well as with their own Yo-Kai Watch toys. Episodes of Yo-Kai Watch appear on Disney XD, as well as on the Yo-Kai Watch YouTube channel. 

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    I first learned about Yo-Kai Watch with the release of the Nintendo 3DS video game.

    In the Yo-Kai Watch game players choose whether they would like to be a boy or a girl. They receive a virtual Yo-Kai Watch that allows them to friend Yo-Kai. It's possible in the game kids may have to battle a Yo-Kai to befriend them. Players then create teams of Yo-Kai to work together to solve problems. The game is rated "E" for everyone.

    The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld, portable video game device. 

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    Just like in the game and on the show, kids can have their very own Yo-Kai Watch to summon their friends when they pretend and use their imagination at home. Small discs, or medals are collected, then used to call on specific Yo-Kai characters. The medal says the characters name and plays their tribe song. Unlike a traditional watch, don't expect this one to go missing. The watch itself is big, heavy and quite bulky. Look for the arrow on the medals, it may take a bit to get the discs in...MORE correctly. The watch itself is loud, and since the names of the Yo-Kai are kind of weird, it was hard for me to understand and learn the different names, using only the toy.

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    Yo-Kai Watch Medal Mystery Bags

    Yo-Kai Watch Mystery Bags

     Kids love to collect things. We've seen it with Shopkins, Paw Patrol and all sorts of small toys. Medals for the Yo-Kai Watch can be bought in secret mystery bags. At only $3, kids will get 3 medals in each bag, so that seems like a good return for your money and something a child could earn easily doing a few chores at home.

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    Now that your kids will have you driving all over to collect their medals, the Medallium Collection Book is a central place to store them. Only advantage to buying the Yo-Kai version is that it comes with an exclusive medal and stickers, a 3 ring binder could also do the job fine.

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    These figures feature Yo-Kai characters from the show that can convert and transform into a different personality. Each character, like Jibanyan-Businessman that is pictured here, also comes with another medal to collect for the Yo-Kai Watch.

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    These small 5 inch action figures can also serve as a way to collect and store Yo-Kai medals.

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    Do your kids want to take their Yo-Kai with them to bed at night to keep the bad guys away? Small soft, 5 inch tall plush toys are also available to collect.