Get More Time and Energy With This Yoga Plan for Working Moms

Here's a few moves to try in the morning, at lunch, and at night

Find more time and energy by following this yoga plan for working moms
Getty Images/Patrik Giardino

Are you a working mom looking for more time and energy?  Of course, you are!  We’d all love to have a bit more time and energy to finish our checklists so we feel accomplished and competent.  Would you believe that after striking a few yoga poses you’d feel different and perhaps a bit more energetic?  You also would have a better night’s sleep and start your day off right if you practiced yoga?

If you don’t believe this, try it yourself.

  Sebastian and Jessica from shared with us find out how working moms can find more energy and feel more in balance through a yoga practice.  Here’s what they had to say.

Why It Is a Good Idea for Busy Working Moms to Practice Yoga   

Busy moms often feel scattered and overwhelmed with so much to do. When we practice yoga, our mind feels less chaotic and our energy is better balanced. This leads to the most efficient use of our time.

The relaxation that comes from a yoga practice also instills a sense of calm. And when we do things from a more relaxed place, we can direct our energy towards one thing at a time and get more done than if we try to do a million things at once.

Moms tend to put themselves last. This can lead to burnout, resentment, and often illness. By making the time to practice yoga, a mom is taking the time to fill her own cup. It’s best to think of it as healthcare or injury prevention.

Then when the demands of everyday life call upon her, she can respond with a better attitude and a healthier body. She can also be more present for her children and lessen the guilt of not being a good enough mom.

A major benefit of our yoga practice is that we finish feeling balanced. As moms, we tend to give so much, and by practicing yoga we allow ourselves to receive.

This balance allows our bodies to function optimally and leaves us with more available energy that lasts all day.

How Yoga Can Jump Start Your Energy in the Morning

Practicing breath exercises, called pranayama, can build internal energy and fuel us from within. Breath of Fire is a powerful way to awaken the body. Skull shining breath, called kapala bhakti, is better than your morning cup of coffee. It provides the energy to feel awake without any crashes later on.

Practicing Sun Salutations is one of the very best ways to begin the day and can be done fairly quickly.

Even just a few rounds can loosen muscles, boost confidence, and build strength. This can be done in less than 15 minutes and start the day off feeling active, healthy and with more energy.

Practice These Yoga Poses during Lunch to Release Pressure

Throughout the day our bodies tend to accumulate tension in the shoulders and hips, especially if we are sitting in a chair or working on a computer. Just 3-5 poses can release tension in the body and leave you feeling great.

  • Yogi Squat is one of the best poses for opening the hips and counteracting lots of sitting.
  • Cat/cow is a go-to pose for spine health and relieving pressure in the back and neck. This pose can be done seated, standing, or on all fours, making it very easy to fit into your day-to-day lifestyle.
  • Pigeon Pose is a deep hip opener that will release any holding in the lower body and is especially helpful if you are dealing with a tight low back.
  • Reverse Table is one of the best poses to help open the shoulders and chest. It counterbalances the time spent hunched over a computer, looking at a phone or holding your baby.
  • Downward Dog is one of the most common yoga poses as it is the perfect blend of effort and ease. It is a full body strengthener and yet also relaxes you. Getting your heart above your head calms the mind and relieves stress, physically and emotionally.

Unwind From the Day with These Poses

Restorative poses are an excellent way to unwind from the day. They move our body out of being busy and into a place of rest and better digestion. This will help us to sleep better and leave us feeling refreshed.

Try just one or all of these poses for a welcome evening routine.

  • Child’s pose is a classic go to. It helps with fatigue and is very relaxing. It is easy to do and stretches the muscles of the back while soothing the nervous system. It’s perfect for a tired body and mind.
  • Reclined Bound Angle opens the chest and brings blood flow to the digestion, reproductive and urinary tract systems. It helps the body recover and act more efficiently.
  • Reclining Twists are an excellent way to assist digestion and detoxify the body. They are beneficial for spine health and very calming.
  • Bridge Pose is another pose that gets the heart above the head, which is very grounding. It lengthens the low back and opens the chest and throat.
  • Legs up the Wall drains the blood from the feet and recirculates it back through the heart. It gives tired, sore feet and legs a much-deserved break. It is also one of the absolute best poses for promoting better sleep and is especially helpful right before bed.


So working mom, go get yourself some more energy and time in your day.  Once you feel confident with the poses invite the family to join you.  We could all use a little more energy and bit more balance in our lives.  Best of luck!