Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga poses are body movements and stretches that when combined with simple breathing exercises  can have an amazing impact on a person's sense of calm and well being. For adults who have practiced yoga, maybe even while pregnant, once their child is old enough, it is fun to bond with your baby by attending mommy and me yoga classes. Kids need toys and activities that help them cope, the world is a stressful place these days and yoga is a great strategy for kids to learn at a young age to...MORE help them into adulthood.

Many parents may not fully understand how important yoga poses for kids can be. Kids will have so much fun assuming yoga poses, they will giggle and laugh, while they pretend to be different objects or animals. In reality, kids are not just having fun, they are building muscle strength and learning to coordinate their breathing. These exercises and activities can have a huge impact on a child's attention and self-control. 

Yoga classes are not for everyone, but you do not have to be a licensed yoga instructor to teach your children yoga poses. There are many different types of yoga books, videos, toys and games.

These are my favorite yoga activities and games from ThinkFun, that allow parents and their children an opportunity to not only play and exercise together, but that teach children yoga poses in an enjoyable way.

What a great investment because once you learn the activities, yoga poses do not require any equipment and can be completed anywhere. Why not pass the time doing yoga poses while waiting for an appointment, on a stretch break during a family road trip or as rainy day activity to release some pent-up energy.

Can you believe all of these activity games and cards are under $10?

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    Yoga Memory Game Thinkfun

    What child does not love a classic memory game? This is a fun way to expose young children, especially preschoolers ages 3-5, to new yoga poses. Lie a few cards out on the table or carpet. Take turns flipping over 2 cards per turn, looking to make a match. The game includes 36 tiles, which teaches kids 18 yoga poses in total. Younger children can use it to look at a picture of a new pose and try and hold the position.  Make it harder for older children and suggest that they perform the pose and...MORE hold it for 10 seconds to keep the cards in order to win.

    While you can use the cards as a memory game, they are very sturdy cardboard. Kids may enjoy also using the cards to play a game of hide-and-seek. Hold one card at the table and search the house for the matching card. All of the tiles can store back inside the box or a ziploc bag or pouch. The illustrations of the poses are self-explanatory and easy for younger children to try.

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    Yoga Cards Game

    There is no doubt in my mind, this will probably be the best $5 you ever spend on a game. This deck of yoga activity cards includes 48 poses, each printed with the name of the pose. There are also missions, where the players perform different poses for 10 seconds hoping to be the first with 7 poses in their collection pile. While the game play is a little complicated for some, the cards are awesome. Depending upon the age of your child, you might want to sift through the deck and pull out 10 of...MORE the easier poses for them to master, then slowly add in more of the complicated ones. I often take 5 cards from this deck and leave them in my purse for something to do to pass the time. 

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    Yoga Spinner Game

    The Yoga Spinner Game is a turn-taking game where players spin a spinner, then perform a specific card from a different category. Players might have a choice to pick a category of of their own, could potentially lose a card, steal a card, or their opponents may choose a pose for them to complete. Different than the other 2 yoga games, this set also includes partner poses, which are good for siblings and children to complete together, which promotes good teamwork. 

    All of the cards store nicely...MORE inside the plastic container.