How Young Adults Can Travel the World on a Budget

Young adults traveling in car

Young adults and Millennials are redefining travel much like they are redefining so many other aspects of life. Adventurous, frugal and open-minded, young adults are traveling the world in huge numbers, made possible by portable jobs that require only a laptop and internet connection to get their work done. A GPS system on their smartphone and a few dollars in their pockets are enough to allow them the flexibility and opportunity to enjoy seeing the world while they are young and energetic.

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Topdeck Travel, popular provider of group travel for 18-30 somethings, surveyed 31,000 people from 134 different countries: 88 percent of them traveled overseas between one and three times a year; 94 percent were between 18-30; 30 percent traveled solo; and the majority traveled in Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand.


Getting there

Flightfox: Many young adults are savvy about finding the best deals on just about anything, using the internet as a gateway to every type of discount there is. Flightfox is a site that allows travelers to submit a request with restrictions and concessions for a flight and itinerary(low cost, willing to layover to save money, etc), with a small fee charged by the website.

The Points Guy: Making the most of every point earned on credit cards is a must for young adults on a budget. The Points Guy is the go-to site for all things points related, including which cards give the most points, where to spend the points, and how to use points for travel, among many other topics.

Bla Bla Car: Like internet hitchhiking, Bla Bla Car connects those with an empty seat in their ride with those looking to get from one place to another on the road. 



AirBnb: The enormous success of Airbnb, founded by 3 young adults in 2011, is a result of the open-minded attitude of many young adult travelers.

With options ranging from a room in a small home to a villa in Tuscany, there is something for everyone on Airbnb.

Camp in My Garden: For those who want to camp out and meet locals, Camp in My Garden is a great option. Hosts offer their yards as campsites to travelers, allowing them to pitch their own tents in a safe environment.

Hostels: For those on a tight budget, hostels are the way to go. There are hostels just about everywhere in the world. is a good place to start looking for lodging. This service is only available in Europe. A great way to see countries from the comfort of a passenger seat.


Food and Drink

WWoof: A place to stay and good food to eat in exchange for work. That's the premise of WWoof, a worldwide organic farming community. More of a commitment than a night in a room for rent, WWoof offers the opportunity to become part of the day-to-day life of a country of choice

Trip Advisor: An excellent resource for user reviews and bargain hunting, Trip Advisor also offers ratings of restaurants based on pricing and quality. Find out what the favorites are of others who have recently visited a country or city on Trip Advisor.

Food Trucks: Eating a food trucks is a good way to mix and mingle with locals in any city.

Roaming Hunger is a website that lists food truck locations in cities all over the U.S. For international food trucks, Lonely Planet's list is a great resource.


Travel Supplies and Gear A source for lots of great discounted items, has a huge selection of luggage, backpacks and more for travelers.

REI Outlet: For camping gear, REI Outlet is one of the best discount resources there is.

Comfort Items: There's no reason to be uncomfortable when traveling, no matter what your budget or where you are going. Travel pillows make long plane flights much more tolerable. Another useful item for long flights is an inflatable footrest which can also be used as a pillow when placed on a tray table. Either of these would make a great bon voyage gift for a young adult heading out to see the world.