How to Make the Most of Your Small Closet Space

Small Closet
edcorbo / Getty Images

Closets have a big job to do, from holding all your clothes to storing extras, like shoes and accessories. Smaller closets can be frustrating, as they don't provide enough room for all the items you want to keep neat and out of sight.

Whether your small closet is in your bedroom or hallway, you can use a few space-saving solutions to maximize the room you do have—your shoes will thank you!

Space-Saving Ideas for Small Closets

Here are a few tiny closet ideas to optimize your small apartment space and ensure you don't have to stuff your clothing away like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses every time you do laundry.

Stack Your Hangers Vertically

When you don't have much horizontal space, you have to use all the vertical room you can. How you hang your clothing and the tools you use to do so can help. Rather than simply lining the bar in your closet with hangers, go vertical as well. You can do this in a number of ways, such as:

  • Buy hangers that feature several vertical rungs: These come in shirt and pants varieties
  • Use standard hangers, but connect one to another using pop-can tabs: Put one hook in one hole and another hanger hook in the other hole.
  • Hang chains on your closet bar and hook your hangers onto each link.

Be warned: While hooking hangers vertically can add space, you'll still bulk your closet horizontally—you're still resting clothing together, you're just staggering the tops of each garment.

Add Another Bar

Continuing on the "store vertically" topic, you can add another hanger bar to your closet. That way, you'll have two places to hang your clothing! You can put shirts on top and pants on bottom, or whatever arrangement works best for you.

Installing another bar doesn't have to be pricey either. You can purchase a dowel rod and the tools to secure it at your hardware store. Or, buy a tension rod that uses a spring to push the two ends outward.

If you do this, avoid placing heavy items on the rod, as the pressure may not be strong enough for items like wool coats—stick to your sheer and lighter fabrics.

Install Shelves

If you use your apartment closet to hold boxes or other goods, some shelving is in order. You can install shelves by first drilling wood blocks into the sides of the shelves. Then, lay the shelf over the boards and drill them in.

Or, purchase a shelf and brackets. Either way, be sure to install your shelves correctly so they'll securely hold all of your belongings, whether they're your unused holiday decorations or off-season garments.

Stay Organized

A messy closet is a crowded one, so stay organized to help make the most of your space. For instance, get a rack for your shoes instead of piling them up on the floor of your closet. You can use fabric boxes to hold things like scarves or hats. Small closet solutions don't have to be difficult to assemble, just use the right tools!

Make Use of Odd Spaces

Under your bed, the back of your closet door: These areas may not be the first you think of when you brainstorm small closet ideas. However, they are quite useful. You can hang additional rods or an over-the-door shoe caddy on your door, and out-of-season clothing in a container under your bed. Using these spaces frees up room in your tiny apartment closet.

Use Hooks

If you have a little space inside of your closet for hooks, hang them. You can put hooks over the door, inside of the closet or on the wall. Either way, they can hold oddly shaped belongings, such as purses or luggage.

Need more than just a hook? Install a bin instead and place odds and ends inside. With these small closet ideas, you can maximize your apartment storage—every renter can use more space!