13 Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

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    A Zen Bathroom For Relaxing and Rejuvenating

    When you think of zen, you might think of calming, meditative, harmonious environments that let you quiet your minds and rejuvenate your bodies. The bathroom is the perfect place for zen-inspired decor, especially if you enjoy taking long, warm baths.

    That may be why the zen style is very popular for today's bathrooms. Whether you enjoy the understated, nature-inspired colors or the calming atmosphere, there's no denying that zen bathrooms are beautiful, welcoming, and definitely relaxing.

    Throughout this gallery, look at some of the principles that underlie the zen style for bathrooms. For example, having access to nature is a major feature of the zen aesthetic.

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    Small Zen Bathroom With Garden View

    This modestly sized bathroom also features a beautiful garden view. The use of natural stone for the countertop and tub tile is also a major component of the zen style. The colors are muted, neutral, and invite relaxation and calm.

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    Simple Zen Bathroom

    Another defining feature of zen bathrooms is their simplicity. Simple lines, simple colors, simple decor are common in zen-inspired bathrooms. This bathroom is simple indeed: black and white; lots of transparent glass; and a clean, contemporary freestanding tub. Every line is necessary, nothing more, nothing less.

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    Zen Bathroom With Rustic Wood

    Zen decor also uses natural, rustic materials. For example, use a large piece of rough wood as a countertop for vessel sinks. The wood is simply sanded and sealed to avoid splinters but is otherwise left in its natural state. The zen style takes full advantage of natural materials and makes beauty out of ordinary things.

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    Zen Bathroom With Open Space

    Zen bathroom with enclosed tub on the floor, dual towel racks, and plenty of windows.
    Louie Leu Architect with Frank Perez Photography

    Zen spaces are typically quite open, with few things to get in the way of expansive views. If you are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, think about how you can minimize clutter and keep the room as open as possible. Minimize the profile of the tub with a drop style, and keep storage space close to the walls. Large windows also help make the bathroom look luxuriously large.

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    Modern Zen Bathroom

    A zen bathroom doesn't have to be traditional. Modern decor principles also work very well with zen decor styles because of the focus on clean, uncluttered lines. Try a simple freestanding tub, a few tree branches with budding leaves and flowers, and lots and lots of white. This simple space is perfect for relaxing away from the overstimulation of the ordinary world.

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    Traditional Japanese Zen Bathroom

    If you want to increase your zen bathroom appeal, look to traditional Japanese architecture. You can use a drop-in tub sunken into the floor, large floor-to-ceiling windows, and natural stone flooring and wall tile. There's no way you won't feel relaxed sitting in that tub.

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    Bathroom With Zen Touches

    You don't need to have a full zen decor to give your bathroom a zen vibe. For example, combine a more traditional tub with a zen stool, balancing the look of both. The use of dark hardwood throughout the room also adds to the natural zen style of this bathroom.

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    Neutral Zen Bathroom

    Even if a bathroom doesn't have beautiful garden views, it can still have many features of typical zen bathrooms. For example, the use of bamboo sticks as decoration, as well as the vessel sink, are often seen in other zen spaces. The use of natural wood also contributes to the zen style of this beautiful basement bathroom.

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    Zen Bathroom Retreat

    Zen bathroom retreat with in-ground tub, candles, and plants next to an enclosed glass shower.
    J.P. Walters Design with James Brady Photography

    Despite its opulence, this zen bathroom follows many of the typical features of zen spaces. For example, the use of natural stone is prominent, and the round tub has a clean, simple line that's very zen. A simple potted plant adds some greenery when an outside garden is unavailable.

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    Zen Marble Bathroom

    This features lots of marble and a large window framed by a comfortable bench. The flower arrangements are typical of zen spaces and are also black and white, which is the perfect color scheme to fit with marble tile. The decor is kept as simple as possible with clean rectangular lines and lots of natural light.

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    Spacious Zen Bathroom

    This wet room-style bathing area with both a tub and two showerheads is zen, with a beautiful, unobstructed outdoor view via the floor-to-ceiling windows. On the right, a vanity area with a simple bench that's also holding extra towels contrasts with a collection of decorative mirrors on the left. Zen elements include clean lines, natural stone flooring, and garden views.

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    Beachy Zen Bathroom

    Combine zen decor with another style. In this case, it's beach-style. The shiplap walls in light green are definitely beachy, and the tub is a little more decorative than the zen style requires. However, the zen stool and hardwood floor are definitely inspired by zen decor. The stool is made of rough-hewn wood, which is in keeping with zen principles as well. Although there isn't a full view of a garden, there's a lot of natural light.