9 Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

Bathroom with a deep soaking tub

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The idea of zen can mean a lot of different things to different people, but it typically evokes a feeling of calm and tranquility. A zen space can help ease your stress and find peace in your home, so there's no surprise that your bathroom is the perfect place for zen-inspired decor

A zen-like bathroom is the ideal space for lingering in a warm bath or taking a moment for yourself at the start of your day. If you want to create a zen bathroom like this one from sophiafaininteriors, there are some key things you can do.

Whether you are up for a full renovation or just looking for a few easy ways to transform your bathroom into a stress-free paradise, here are some of our favorite ideas. 

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    Bring in Textiles

    Bathroom with a basket

    eighthandwalnut / Instagram

    Who says throws and rugs are only for the bedroom? This beautiful space from eighthandwalnut features a basket filled with oversized towels and throws, and a woven rug to introduce textures into the bathroom. While it may feel clean, it's difficult to evoke a sense of calm in a stark bathroom. Don't be afraid to experiment with soft layers and materials to make your space more inviting.

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    Position Your Tub Under a Window

    Bathroom with a large window

    the.palm.co / Instagram

    If you are renovating your bathroom space, try your best to place your tub under a window, like this one from the.palm.co. Not only is a soaking tub a great place to relax and find that sense of calm, but by placing it near a window you can gaze out into nature and reduce stress while taking a moment to yourself. 

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    Add Some Candles

    Bathtub with candles

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    There's just something utterly zen-like about candles. If this scene from ourchanceryhome doesn't make you want to bliss out with a bath and some lightly scented candles, we don't know what will. By adding a few candles to your vanity or around your bathtub, you can easily create an environment that allows you to relax and let go of your day. 

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    Opt for Neutral Finishes

    Bathroom with a wooden vanity

    anaberdesign / Instagram

    When designing your zen bathroom, materials such as wood or stone will evoke feelings of nature and calm, and keep your space neutral yet modern. We love the mid-century modern vanity seen in this bathroom from anaberdesign. It's trendy and updated, but still neutral enough to feel tranquil and peaceful. 

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    Sprinkle in Plants

    Bathroom with a walk in shower and hanging plants

    thejoshuatreehouse / Instagram

    Pro tip: Decorating with greenery in pretty much any space in your home is a great way to add a tranquil vibe without a lot of effort. We love this bathroom from thejoshuatreehouse for many reasons, but the hanging plants really take this space from inviting to utterly serene. If you're lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, many plants can thrive in this humid space. If not, a good faux version works just as well. 

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    Focus on the Flow

    Bathroom with big windows

    gillian.jackson / Instagram

    To create a hotel-like zen bathroom, focus on clean lines throughout your space. While you may not have a floor-to-ceiling window like this one from gillian.jackson, you can still focus your layout around the best source of light in your bathroom. Keep the flow natural from vanity to the bathtub to the shower so the space doesn't feel divided.  

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    Create a Space for Storage

    Bathroom shelf with products

    theprettybyrdhouse / Instagram

    It's difficult to zen out in your bathroom if it's cluttered and messy. If you don't have enough built-in storage, consider adding a bathroom shelf like this one from theprettybyrdhouse. Extra storage space, especially in a small bathroom, is key to keeping your bathroom peaceful and spa-like.   

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    Layer in Artwork

    Bathroom with candles everywhere

    fagerhoi_hjemmet / Instagram

    This bathroom from fagerhoi_hjemmet has basically everything we love about a zen bathroom in one beautiful package. While the candles and the plants really add a lot of ambiance to this space, we also love the use of framed pictures throughout. While your bathroom may not feel like the most natural place for hanging artwork, it can help add depth and make the room feel upscale. 

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    Add Calming Scents

    Bathroom with wooden vanity

    stylish_dekor / Instagram

    To put the final touch on your zen bathroom and create a space as inviting and comforting as this one from stylish_dekor, use candles or diffusers. Pick calming scents such as lavender, lemon or jasmine to promote calm and help you distress when you're winding down or waking up.