Zippo All Terrain Gas Grill

Zippo All Terrain Grill
Zippo All Terrain Grill. Zippo Manufacturing Company

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The Zippo All Terrain Grill is Zippo's entry into outdoor cooking and it is impressive. Certainly the nearly $400USD price tag puts it on the high end of the market, but the powerful heat output and solid construction make it one of the better ones. This grill is new to the market and comes from a company that hasn't made something like this before, but there is attention to detail.

At 45 pounds it is heavy, but the cart design makes it easy to transport.


  • Large cooking area for a portable grill
  • Full open gas grilling gets you as closes as possible to real grilling
  • High-temperature output


  • At around $400USD it is one of the more expensive portables
  • Heavy
  • At full power, it will burn through a portable propane tank in about an hour


  • 223 square inch porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate
  • Two 8,000 BTU tubular stainless steel burner
  • Push Button ignition
  • Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates with optional griddle section
  • Hood-mounted temperature gauge
  • Cast Aluminum lid and body
  • Large side work tables
  • Weighs about 45 pounds
  • Folding, X-frame cart
  • Available conversion for full sized propane tanks
  • Made in the United States by Zippo

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Expert Review - Zippo All Terrain Gas Grill

Zippo's entry into the outdoor cooking world is this impressive gas grill that weighs in at 45 pounds, can be folded up and rolled along most anywhere and yet still manages to cook like a full sized grill (well, almost).

Large enough for most cookouts and certainly powerful enough with a maximum output of 16,000 BTUs under 223 square inches of porcelain coated cast iron cooking space. Compare that to the Weber Q-2200 with 12,000 BTUs under 280 square inches.

The Zippo All Terrain Grill has a cast aluminum body and heavy construction.

It is even designed to not rattle in the back of the car. The side table and handle are stainless steel (though there are a number of plastic parts) and the side table is large enough to actually work on. And for those that care, this grill is made in the United States and considering the size and success of the Zippo Company, it is well backed up.

One point, at 16,000 BTU maximum output, this grill will burn through the typical disposable propane bottle in a little over an hour. For those long tailgating sessions, it is probably best to bring a few spares. Of course, this grill can be run on a standard 20-pound propane tank which would keep it fired up all day long but those tanks are heavy and kind of reduce the overall portability of the product.

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