How Each Zodiac Sign Prepares for the Holidays

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and everyone is starting to prepare for the festivities. There's so much to be done, and it requires some forward-thinking to make sure everything is taken care of.

We all have our own favorite aspects of the season, as well as ones we focus on the most. While no one does everything the exact same way, our zodiac signs can give us a glimpse into our personalities and what might be important to us.

Check out your zodiac sign below to see if this matches how you usually prepare for the holidays.

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    Aquarius: The Picky-Party Goer

    Aquarians prepare for the holiday season by ensuring they are spending time with the people they actually care about. This time of year is a constant flurry of invites and events, but you aren't worried about making appearances just for the sake of things. You carefully determine the people you will surround yourself with to ensure you actually have an enjoyable time.

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    Pisces: The Eager Host

    Pisces signs are sentimental people already, and this is only amped up more during the holidays. You will be excited to spend time with your loved ones and may even go out of your way to have the festivities at your place (or at least offer to help co-host). You will make a real effort to ensure everyone feels included.

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    Aries: Dives into Christmas Parties

    Arians understand the traditional aspects of the season, but they also know that the holidays provide the perfect excuse to celebrate. You are either attending Christmas parties left and right, or hosting your own if there aren't ones in motion. 

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    Taurus: Loves Giving and Receiving Gifts

    Taureans thrive during this time of year, particularly when it comes to giving gifts. You not only know what the best gifts are, but how to get them on sale. You've written down your ideas on what to get your loved ones and have spent the weeks prior purchasing everything on that list. Of course, you'll likely treat yourself to a gift or two as well; of course, you totally deserve it!

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    Gemini: The Festive Traveller

    Geminis use the holiday season as a reason to travel somewhere else if they can. Of course, you will be sure to celebrate with your families where possible. Still, assuming you don't already live far away from your loved ones, you'll go out of your way to go somewhere different. Whether you join a friend in their festivities or somehow encourage your family to do something a little different, you want to create unforgettable memories during this time of year. 

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    Cancer: The Festive Chef and Baker

    Cancereans have been prepping for the holidays for months. Of course, you'll be excited about decorating, but you are mostly focused on holiday meals. You have taken it upon yourself to make most of the main dishes as well as multiple sides. You've also taken into account everyone's allergies and food preferences to make sure it's enjoyable for all.

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    Leo: The Social Butterfly

    Leos enjoy the fact that the holiday allows then the chance to get together with friends and family and indulge in the typical fanfare. Anything from carolling to decorating the tree, to teaming up with Arians to throw holiday parties, you are absolutely on it. You'll take cute holiday photos and make sure everyone is involved, even the shy people in the corner.

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    Virgo: The Planner

    Virgos know that the holidays can be stressful, so they have spent their time planning things out as much as possible. You'll be contacting everyone to get dates and times for get-togethers, planning your own itinerary, and making sure you've given yourself plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season.

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    Libra: Legitimately Decks the Halls

    When it comes to the holidays, no one is more excited than Librans. Your knack for aesthetic and beauty means you've been dying to break out all your holiday decorations. From adorning the tree to stringing the lights outside, you've been curating your perfect Christmas style, and you can't wait to invite others over to show them!

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    Scorpio: Picks the Perfect Presents

    Similar to Taureans, Scorpios have also been keeping tabs on the gifts to give their loved ones. You've been paying attention to the subtle hints that others have dropped and have taken the time to curate the perfect gift without caring about price points. You like to surprise people who think you don't have a soft spot and love to prove how thoughtful you are.

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    Sagittarius: The Joyful Celebrationist

    Sagittarians really enjoy bringing the jolly, christmas sprit aspect to the season. You are prepared to help everyone loosen up and relax. You recognize that this time of year can cause burnout, but you are ready to keep things fizzing. You are probably the one stocking the bar cart with everything you need to make some holiday cocktails or the one singing Christmas carols the loudest.

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    Capricorn: The Traditionalist

    Capricorns look forward to the holidays and the traditions they hold. From lighting the tree, gathering for dinner at the table, to showing how thankful you are. You refuse to allow anyone to opt-out of what's going on because this is the way it's always been done, and a little structure won't kill them.