How to Decorate Your Home Office Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to decorating different areas in the home, an often-overlooked space is the home office. As a place where we spend so much of our time taking care of important matters and tackling projects, your home office deserves just as much attention as the rest of your home.

Though it can be hard to know where to start, looking into our zodiac signs can be a great way to discover some of our tendencies and things we are drawn to. Check out your zodiac sign below for some tips on how you should decorate your home office.

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    You tend to do things differently than most, but it usually works in your favor. Instead of going the typical route, move towards something more innovative like replacing your desk with a large table. Keep your books and other essential references on some floating shelves nearby to give yourself more space while still retaining easy access. When it comes to decor accents, you can’t go wrong with geometric items and pieces made of natural/modern materials.

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    While Pinterest is great, you need to have a physical reminder of what you want to accomplish. Use a bulletin board you decorate with motivational quotes and lists of what you need to do or a dry erase board that you can change often. Either option will help create an organizational focal point for the office. In addition, incorporate a calming color scheme to make the place feel more relaxed. A blue color palette is often associated with stress relief and happens to be a hue you’re drawn towards.

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    You need to be continuously stimulated, and the best way for you to do that is to create zones that will allow you to switch things up when you get restless. Have a place where you can sit and work on one project, a separate area that you use to pay your bills/deal with legal documents, and another place to take a short break when you need it. Buying easily moveable furniture is also a great option, so you can rearrange when required.

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    You manage to stay pretty grounded in most areas of your life, usually through immersion of your senses. When it comes to a home office you could try adding some plants into the area for some extra oxygen (as well as something beautiful to look at). Adding an oil diffuser where you can switch the scents to fit what you need would be a perfect addition as well. It won’t hurt you to splurge on a few nice office accessories that feel more luxurious than necessary, such as gold office pens or marble pattern folders; just try not to go overboard!

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    Adding some helpful technology to your office space will benefit you more than most. While having a computer and printer are obvious staples, having a voice assistant to help you keep track of meeting/deadlines and some smart light bulbs to adjust when you need them will help you stay on track. As a plus, the light bulbs can create different moods depending on what you set them to, so you can change the feel of your space easily.

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    You hate the idea of a clinical, dull environment, so introduce homey touches to your office. Whether that’s adding candles with a particular scent or displaying some family photos to make the area feel personal to you. Given that you gravitate towards comfort by nature, add a comfortable throw pillow or a nice blanket to your chair to make it more manageable. Just don’t make it so cozy you end up snoozing, though. Balance is key!

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    Let’s be honest, when it comes to your home office, you need it to carry the same energy that you radiate daily. Your fiery personality loves colors related to red, orange, and yellow, so why not incorporate them into your workspace? Rather than painting the whole room one color, start with a professional white base and then add pops of the hues throughout the space. Adding some touches of gold with your work accessories or decor-wise would fit you perfectly.

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    As one of the signs known for paying extreme attention to detail, decorating your home office leaves room for so much possibility. You need your workspace to be as practical as it is aesthetic. While it’s likely you have a pretty excellent grip on an organizational system, don’t cram it all into desk drawers. Instead, opt for shelves to hang on the wall to have most of your items where you can easily access them.

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    You can’t have a place that is jarring compared to the rest of your home. Try to incorporate some of the same colors, themes, or patterns in your home office. Thay way it will feel like a fluid extension. If you can surround yourself with some familiar aspects, you’ll feel more relaxed rather than stressed. Be sure to balance out the room as best you can. Having all the furniture on one side will be more of a distraction than you’d like.

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    You might prefer your office to be neat and closed-off. However, there are ways to give yourself plenty of space to work while keeping things private. Grabbing organizational cubes to hold baskets that contain your paperwork is an easy way to keep things out of sight while still within reach. For added privacy, add some curtains to shield your accessories so that you can have peace of mind if someone were to wander in. You can also add a serious note by incorporating a black accent wall to anchor the rest of the room.

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    One of the best things you can do for yourself is to ensure you have as much natural light as possible. If you can’t, still try to bring in plenty of light from other sources to keep you awake and energized. If you’re able to position your desk by a window, do it. It would help if you made your space feel open and provide yourself with a view to look towards now and then. If a window isn’t an option, hang a few beautiful nature portraits to give the same impression. Even giving yourself the illusion of more space energizes you more than you realize, and this will only add to your productivity.

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    Capricorns want to get down to business, regardless of where they are. In your home office, you naturally want everything to have a place and be easy to access. While you don’t mind a little decoration, it mostly serves as a distraction. Leaning into minimalist styles makes the most sense for you. Focus on neutral color schemes that enhance the clean, elegant atmosphere you thrive in. Instead of quantity, go for quality by investing money in a high-quality desk and chair for those long hours you spend working on a project.