How Each Zodiac Sign Makes the Most Out of Small Spaces

small living room

Bulgac / Getty Images

In an ideal situation, we would all have infinite space and resources to make our spaces feel like home. But we sometimes find ourselves in smaller spaces than we may have planned in our younger (and oh-so naive) years. It can be easy to feel a bit discouraged trying to decorate and organize when you feel like you don't have much to work with.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to make a small space work for you. Our star signs can reflect aspects of our personality that draw us to certain methods over others and can help us to see. Below, learn how each of the 12 signs can make the most out of the most snug of spaces.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18): Builds Quirky DIY Furniture

You aren't afraid to take an entirely different approach than most when it comes to maximizing your space. You have a bit of a soft spot for creating things rather than buying the latest styles or trends from mainstream companies, and you want your area to reflect who you are on a personal level. You make the most out of small spaces by building DIY furniture that not only suits your style preferences and needs, but also can be customized to work within your space. Rather than trying to buy a table, chair, or shelves to make your space, you take into account what you have and create unique necessities to work with you. 

Pisces (February 19 to March 20): Turns Window Space Into Seating Area

You're a bit of a daydreamer, and you like having spaces where you can relax with your thoughts. Whenever you don't have a ton of space, it can be challenging to come up with ways to make that happen. It's no shock that you see the benefit in creating an area under the window for a bench-style window seat. Homes typically have a decent amount of space under their windows which unfortunately go to waste. By turning it into a seating area, it can serve as a place to spend time with people, but also can be a private oasis for yourself. (Bonus points if you make the seating additional hidden storage!)

Aries (March 21 to April 19): Switches to Fold-Away Furniture to Make Space

You have a big personality and like to show it off, but trying to bring that into a small space can have its challenges. For you, investing in furniture that folds away or collapses is a perfect way to make room for friends and activities you want to have around. From beds that fold into the wall to tables that slide into counters, you have endless ways to incorporate this type of project. A small space can feel so much more significant if you choose furniture that is as flexible as you are. 

Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Puts up Shelves, Shelves, and More Shelves

You don't get a ton of credit for being organized, Taurus. You like to invest in nicer stuff, but you're aware that a place can become incredibly cluttered when there isn't much space to work with. Shelves are your best friend in this department. You know you can buy shelves of all sizes and styles, but you aren't afraid to put them up in unusual places (think the space between your cabinets and ceiling). It gives you more ways to organize and show off those accessories you just had to have, but it still helps to give you more room overall. Plus, if you know how to display it (which you have an eye for), shelving can look glamorous and sleek without becoming the main attention-grabber in a room.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20): Invests in One Big Statement Piece

Yes, your interests are diverse and many, so this may seem to go against your intuition. However, you also like to keep people guessing, and this is one great way to go about it. Designers are consistently expressing the benefits of choosing one enormous art piece to be the focal point of the room. It not only helps give a theme to the space but gives the impression of a larger room overall. Plus, you are likely to pick something abstract that people aren't going to catch right off the bat, which create interesting conversations when you have people over. 

Cancer (June 21 to July 22): Utilizes Wall Space to the Max

You like to display things that are important to you, and wall space if your best friend. There are dozens of ways to use wall space to keep things out of your drawers and off your counters. So you use small shelves to display your sentimental trinkets, as well as wall hooks to hang up photos of your loved ones to show what matters to you. Those wall hooks aren't just for pictures, though—they can also help to keep necessities you frequently use in plain sight. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and similarly, you prefer to showcase your true self on your walls.

Leo (July 23 to August 22): Harnesses the Power of Mirrors

You already know the importance of having a mirror to make sure you look great before you start your day, but they're capable of doing even more. Mirrors can be used to give the appearance of a bigger space, and help bring in more light. You can experiment and have several mirrors on a wall or around the area, which can give you some freedom in the creativity department. You can also choose one large mirror (you can never go too big), which can reflect lots of light and stray colors on its own.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22): Takes Advantage of Functional, Stylish Storage

You're obsessed with storage and order, but you're smart about it. You know that buying a ton of containers can still make a small space feel small, so you're strategic. You invest in storage that can be easily hidden away to clear out the random stuff you don't need lying around. However, you aren't afraid to use hollowed out furniture to keep things tucked away as well (think ottomans placed in the living room or tables that open up as a secret compartment). You like knowing where everything is, and you make sure everything has its place.

Libra (September 23 to October 22): Incorporates Hanging Plants

You like to incorporate a strong aesthetic to make your home feel beautiful, put-together, and full of life. Plants are a great addition to homes if you're looking to breathe life and fresh energy into your small space without doing a whole reno project. Even better: You don't necessarily need floor or counter space—opt for hanging plants that can free up your surfaces and can help draw the eye vertically in your home (which can make your rooms look larger!).

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): Uses Dividers or Partitions

It seems counter-intuitive to put up dividers to make a space look bigger, but it works. You like to have your privacy. When dealing with a small space, especially a small room, it can be hard to determine where one area starts and one ends, creating a cluttered space with everything out in the open. You know how to use the strategy of partitions, sheer curtains, or big pieces of furniture to help divide up a room to make it seem bigger. Plus, it means you still have dedicated spaces all to yourself.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): Gives All Their Stuff Away to Minimize

While there are certain pieces of furniture and methods to organize what you have, that isn't the only way to make the most of a small space. Truthfully, it's easy to hoard all sorts of things that you don't need or use anymore, which can cause your space to seem smaller and smaller. Your best bet for a maximized space is to free it up by donating all those clothes and knick-knacks that have had their heyday. By getting rid of unused or unwanted objects, you make space feel so much bigger (and make more room for new memories and experiences!)

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19): Buys Furniture That Doubles in Use

You like to get things done in the most efficient way possible, and you apply this concept to your home as well. While small spaces can be a bit of a pain, you don't waste time in making it work for you. You invest in furniture that doubles in usage, such as a table that turns into seating. You believe things brought into your home should serve a dual purpose, because if you're going to put in the work to make your space nice, why shouldn't your furniture?