Zodiac Vodka Review

An American-Made Potato Vodka That is Impressively Smooth

Zodiac Potato Vodka
Crystal clear, Zodiac vodka is a clean and smooth as it looks. Photo Courtesy: © Zodiac Vodka

Today's vodka market is a daunting one to navigate and there are, quite honestly, few that truly impress me anymore. Don't get me wrong, many of the newest vodkas available are good, but when it comes to exceptional, well, that's a little more limited.

Allow me to introduce you to Zodiac Vodka, the latest spirit of its kind to really grab my attention. You may know Zodiac from before, as it was initially launched in 1999, but 2014 saw the relaunch of the brand and it is one that you will certainly want to revisit.

Zodiac Vodka is a truly American-made spirit. It has that farm to bottle strategy that many find important right now and it is proven in the locally sourced potatoes and water found in and near their Rigby, Idaho distillery.

The vodka undergoes a 91-stage distillation in their four-column still, is cut with water from the Snake River Aquifer, and is so clean when it comes out that it is only filtered once through Canadian birch charcoal.

The Taste of Zodiac Vodka

This is an amazingly smooth vodka and possibly the best potato vodka available, particularly within the $25 price range. Side-by-side with Chopin (a potato vodka standard), I found myself enjoying Zodiac just a little bit more. Zodiac has a slightly sweet aspect that is tantalizing and begins in the aroma, following straight through to the finish. This crystal clear vodka is so smooth and has virtually no alcohol burn that it's rather easy to forget that you're drinking vodka and it gets even better if you chill the bottle before sipping it straight.

What to do with one of the cleanest vodkas available right now? Sip it straight (chilled), of course, but then mix it up into a few lightly flavored cocktails. This is the vodka you want in your Vodka Martinis and I wouldn't hesitate to mix it into an April Rain, Campari Cocktail, or even an Ice-Tini.

There's really no way to go wrong with Zodiac unless you cover it up with heavy ingredients (no Bloody Marys or White Russians, that's just a waste). I would recommend browsing this vodka martini list to find more interesting ways to enjoy Zodiac. Of course, you can always try one of Zodiac's signature cocktails like this Star Eyed Julep.

Zodiac also produces a black cherry flavored vodka, which I have not tried. Cherry is always a tricky flavor, though if any brand can pull it off, I would think that this would be it.

About Zodiac Vodka:

Originally Published: January 14, 2015
Updated: August 25, 2015

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