Zumba Step Featuring the Zumba Rizer Review

How Many Calories Can You Burn with This Zumba Incredible Results Workout?

A picture of the Zumba Rizer
The Zumba Rizer can be purchased alone (no DVD included) or it comes with the Zumba Incredible Results DVD set. Courtesy of Amazon

Zumba Step is the one workout from Zumba Incredible Results that makes use of the new Zumba Rizer. You can purchase the Zumba Rizer on its own (compare prices), get the Zumba Step DVD separately or purchase the Zumba Incredible Results set to get five workouts on four DVDs with the Zumba Rizer included in the set (compare prices). Regardless of how you get one, find out how many calories you can burn in this Zumba Step featuring the Zumba Rizer review.

Zumba Step Featuring the Zumba Rizer

Length: 45 minutes
Calories Burned: 626

Basically, Zumba Step is like it sounds. It's Zumba in a step class. Zumba creator Beto Perez leads this workout that features the Zumba Rizer, Zumba's circular version of the traditional step.

Zumba's challenge is to release new DVD sets that aren't just a copycat of itself. With the Zumba Exhilarate DVD set, they included toning sticks and a DVD that went with that workout. For Zumba Incredible Results, they made the Rizer the main attraction.

I've enjoyed step exercise classes since I was in high school so the first time I tried this DVD I was a bit skeptical. Even after the 45-minute workout session was over, I felt like I now had, yet another, piece of exercise equipment to keep up with. The Rizer felt more like a gimmick -- a bright green Zumba step that's not your traditional rectangular. So?

But the next day, I was sore all over.

You do get your heart rate up during the workout but you really have no idea how hard you've worked your body until the day after when you're feeling it in your arms, legs, stomach and buttocks.

Now, I love my Rizer. It's small enough that it doesn't take up much room in your closet and is low enough to slide under your bed easily.

Perez has redefined the step workout. This isn't the step class workout from your 80's VHS tapes.

The workout itself kicks Zumba up a notch. It would be great if other Zumba instructors could develop additional routines so that you could use a Rizer at your regular Zumba class.

You will work hard and want to give up during this workout. You'll exercise to salsa music, electronic, tango, reggaeton, rock and roll and more. Exercises and the songs go together so you're learning new routines for your Rizer with each song change.

For Zumba fans, it will be no surprise that the music is fantastic. The energy of the instructors matches the upbeat music, which is excellent motivation for those songs you're working so hard to that you're not sure you're going to make it all the way through.

While the Zumba Step workout centers around the Rizer, Perez suggests you try your first workout without using the step at all. This was the first workout I tried post-pregnancy after not being able to exercise for 9 months. I had no trouble keeping up with the instructors or using the Rizer properly on my first try.

If you have knee or back problems, the step may be too much stress on your body. If you have trouble during a traditional step workout, you'll find similar issues with the Zumba Step DVD.

You can do the workout without the Rizer. But purchasing the entire Zumba Incredible Results set that includes the Rizer isn't worth your money if your body can't handle a basic step workout.

No matter what your fitness level, you will have to get used to using a circular step instead of the typical rectangle. Even so, the Zumba Step DVD is designed for the Rizer so you're not performing moves like you would on a rectangular step.

If you love Perez, this and Amazing Abs are the only DVDs in the Zumba Incredible Results set that he leads. He doesn't even appear in the Quick Start + 20-Minute Express or Super Cardio Dance Party DVDs.

Disclaimer: Zumba Step Featuring the Zumba Rizer was purchased for review from Zumba as part of the Zumba Incredible Results DVD set. Total cost with shipping was $94.64.