Zumba Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Cardio Burst Intervals Review

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Zumba fitness is known around the world for its high energy dance workouts. Photo © Getty Images

Super Cardio Dance Party can be purchased alone or as part of the Zumba Incredible Results set that also comes with the Zumba Rizer. The Rizer is not included with the DVD unless you buy it with the Incredible Results set. However, you don't use the Zumba Rizer at all during the Super Cardio Dance Party DVD. Here's what you need to know in this complete review of Zumba Super Cardio Dance Party.

Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Cardio Burst Intervals

Length: 55 minutes
Calories Burned: 874

If you can only buy one DVD from the Zumba Incredible Results set (compare prices), this is the one to put your money into. Instructors Kass Martin, Steve Boedt and Ricardo Marmitte offer a high-energy, sweat-filled and, yes, even fun workout that melts the calories off of you.

Once you pop in the DVD, you'll be prompted to choose English or Spanish and if you would like verbal cues on or off. Although I know the workout very well, I prefer the verbal cues because I like the boost the instructors give me as the workout gets harder with each song. They throw in their words of motivation when you need it most so verbal cues are usually on for my workout.

Once you get the hang of the workout, you may prefer to turn off the verbal cues. If you're new to Zumba, this just means you will dance right along with the instructors without them verbally alerting to you to which move is next in the routine.

Speaking of being new to Zumba, you may also want to review the section on learning the moves before you get started. Even if you're a diehard Zumba fan, it doesn't hurt to review the moves so you can make sure you're getting the most out of each move. It's very easy to shake your booty when you should be engaging your core and working certain parts of your body that you may be missing out on.

Every routine comes with a "super cardio burst." When the instructor flexes his or her arms, that means a super cardio burst is coming.

Your TV screen will turn black and white except for the bright neon yellow colors of the instructors' clothing. Then you'll really increase the intensity of your workout during these bursts as you typically focus on one exercise. The bursts are short, about 30 seconds, and then your TV screen will come back into color and you'll continue on with your workout.

The instructors of Zumba Cardio Dance Party rotate out. For example, one song Kass will be leading and the next Steve might be leading.

All of them have their own fun styles and are easy to follow along. But that doesn't mean the workouts aren't challenging. This DVD burns the most calories out of the entire Zumba Incredible Results set.

I consistently burned 870+ calories during this 55-minute workout. That's more than I have ever burned at any Zumba class.

And even though you're working hard, you don't feel exhausted after Super Cardio Dance Party. You feel the burn days after. Don't get me wrong. However, you're not about to drop from strenuous exercise.

There are more than a dozen songs that make up your workout for the Zumba Incredible Results Super Cardio Dance Party DVD.

The music is a blend of styles and you'll be dancing with merengue, cumbia, bachata, reggaeton, champeta moves and more.

In between each song, a Zumba Incredible Results animation plays. If you like to go directly from one song to the next, this may annoy you. However, it's a good mini break and also makes it easy to use your DVD remote's skip function if there's a song you want to go back to. This feature is actually great as you're learning to do the workout and simply want to go slow your first go-around before amping up your workout by skipping back to the song and giving it your all.

Out of all of the Zumba DVDs I own, I would rank this as my number two favorite behind the Exhilarate DVD from the Zumba Exhilarate DVD set. These are the only two workout DVDs that consistently push me to work hard, regardless of how many times I perform these workouts.

Yes, Super Cardio Dance Party is even better than the Zumba Step DVD that features the Zumba Rizer, which is ironic since Zumba promotes Zumba Step and the Rizer as its stars from the Zumba Incredible Results set.

Disclaimer: Zumba's Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Cardio Burst Intervals was purchased for review from Zumba as part of the Zumba Incredible Results DVD set. Total cost with shipping was $94.64.