Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning window with microfiber cloth


Druv / Getty Images

My old trusted stash of microfiber cleaning cloths has finally started showing their age and not in a good way. I decided to purchase a pack of microfiber cloths online and have them shipped straight to my door. I love microfiber because they work well on lots of surfaces and frequently don't need much more than water to clean well. Honestly, I've never come across a terrible microfiber cleaning cloth. But I wondered if Zwipes cleaning cloths would fall under the good or great category. Luckily I had lots of testing they could work through.

Zwipes Microfiber Cloths: Overview

When I opened the package of 36 cloths, I was happy to see that they were light, soft, and nicely sized. I had a mix of three pastel colors, blue, yellow, and light green. First I tested their absorbency. Wow. These are some of the most absorbent microfiber cloths that I've used. Spills, even the toddler caused kind were no big deal.

Next, I used them to shine up some surfaces, and again they performed just as I had hoped they would. Time and time again they did a fantastic job at helping me clean mirrors, wiped down countertops, clean appliances, dust surfaces and more. I even attached two cloths to the bottom of my flat mop to mop the floor. They did a great job at holding just enough water to clean the floor without letting a lot of extra water linger on the floor. The shine they helped provide was great, too.

The ultimate test for me is when I was a microfiber cloth. Good microfiber cloths get better with washing and age at least for awhile. I washed them in a load in the washing machine. And then for fun, I air dried some and dried the others in the clothes dryer. I could not tell a huge difference in either set. They both dried ready to clean more surfaces in my home.

My husband used a few to clean his car and was sold. He claimed all the blue ones for himself.

These cloths worked well with other cleaners and with plain water. They've held up well with regular use. They are simple to use and clean. I just loved them. And for the price, they are a steal.

Zwipes Microfiber Cloths: Pros

These are a nice soft microfiber cleaning cloth with 110,000 fibers per square inch. They don't leave lint pieces behind on the surfaces you clean. They also are great at removing streaks and spots on your surfaces. They are easily washed and dry very quickly. To extend their life, you can air dry, but they also did fine in the clothes dryer as well. They are inexpensive, especially for how long they can last. They have a nice size and are a good replacement for paper towels and your other cleaning cloths.

Zwipes Microfiber Cloths: Cons

These cleaning cloths are not thick. If you are looking for a thick cloth, these might not be your favorite. But the lightweight aspect is part of what makes them so effective. And despite not being especially thick, they are able to hold a ton of water.

Like most microfiber, these cloths shouldn't be washed with bath towels or another load where they will end up covered in lint and hair. Wash microfiber cleaning cloths in their load to avoid this problem.

Zwipes Microfiber Cloths: Availability

Your best bet to find these cloths is online. They may also be carried in your local grocery or home improvement store. Package sizes will vary depending on where you purchase them from. My package was 36 cloths, but I've also seen them in 24 packs. Plan to pay about 20-35 dollars depending on the package size that you buy, but keep in mind that these ​cloths can last years.