11 Ideas for Christmas Decor That Work All Year

grapevine wreath

Lolly Jane

It's hard to deny the appeal of the twinkling lights and festive decorations sprinkled throughout the house during Christmas. And it's sad to see those cheerful holiday decorations come down after the holiday is over. It also can be quite the chore to pack up all of those decorations. So rather than keeping them up only for a short time, use decorations that can work all year long. It's not only easier, but it's more economical and saves storage space.

Here are 11 Christmas decoration ideas that are appropriate for more than just the month of December.

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    Separate the Green and Red

    green and white decorations

    An Extraordinary Day

    Many people associate red and green with Christmas. So for a look that works year-round, separate this traditional Christmas color palette after the holidays. For instance, bring your green throw pillows together with your red throw blanket for Christmastime, but then use them in separate spaces for the rest of the year. You also can stay away from the color combo entirely and use only red or only green, such as these green-dominated decorations from An Extraordinary Day. That will make switching out the seasonal details much easier.

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    Use Neutrals and Metallics

    silver "cheers" frame

    12th and White

    You also don't have to use red or green at all when decorating for Christmas. Instead, use beautiful neutrals and metallics. In fact, blue and silver is a common combination for wintry Christmas decorations that also looks great throughout the rest of the year. Simply add a few festive touches to your neutrals, such as a Christmas-themed picture inside a metallic frame (like this one from 12th and White), and switch them out once the holiday is over.

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    Put Up Winter-Themed Items

    paper snowflakes

    One Dog Woof

    Avoid the more literal interpretations of Christmas, such as Santa Claus, nativity scenes, and mistletoe, in favor of decor that represents winter. That way, you can keep it up for several months without getting some raised eyebrows for displaying jolly old Saint Nick on Valentine's Day. Snowflakes, such as these medallion snowflakes from One Dog Woof, are a great choice that can be both festive for Christmas and beautiful for the whole winter season.

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    Use Versatile Pieces

    Christmas snow decor

    The Nester

    Find versatile decor items that you can easily tweak to fit your design whims at any given time of year. For instance, clear glass hurricane vases can be filled with colorful ornaments or a string of lights for the holidays. Then, they can hold faux flowers in the spring, sand and candles in the summer, and pinecones in the fall. You also can use something like this beautiful neutral glass box from The Nester. Get creative making different scenes inside it to represent each season.

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    Hang String Lights

    String lights in the backyard dining area
    Lumina / Stocksy United

    There's no need to pack up your Christmas tree lights if you enjoy their soft, cozy glow. There are a number of clever and tasteful DIY projects that use string lights. But if you would rather not tie up your lights in a project so you can use them on the tree again next year, simply string them outside for lighting on a deck or patio for some ambiance. That way, they'll be easy to move back to your tree when the time comes.

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    Find Multipurpose Card Holders

    DIY Christmas card memo board

    Lolly Jane

    Christmas card holders that you can buy or DIY are a great solution for handling the onslaught of holiday cards that start arriving right after Thanksgiving. But look for a card holder that isn't overtly Christmas themed, such as this one from Lolly Jane. Many card holders can be used as memo boards, places to keep the everyday mail, and more well after the holidays are over. And for Christmas, you can simply jazz them up with some red and green accents.

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    Use Boxwood Greenery

    boxwood wreath

    Simplicity in the South

    Boxwood plants are traditional Christmas greenery used in wreaths or topiaries, popular for their densely packed leaves and evergreen quality. However, unlike holly or pine, boxwoods don't obviously scream Christmas, so they can be used year-round. For instance, wrap a boxwood wreath with a red bow for Christmas. Then, switch out the red for burlap or linen accents for other months like this beautiful DIY wreath from Simplicity in the South. Its fresh green color is a bright spot throughout the winter and into spring.

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    Repurpose Candles

    white candles

    My Scandinavian Home

    Red candles certainly say Christmas when paired with greenery or other holiday-themed decor. But when separated from their Christmas counterparts, red candles can be used all year. They look great in rooms that have a warm color scheme, and they would be perfect to light a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. Likewise, white candles, such as these from My Scandinavian Home, can easily be dressed up for Christmas. But they're also classic neutrals that can work with any decor theme at any time of year.

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    Display Window Candles

    window candle


    Speaking of candles, window candles—whether real or battery-operated—are a traditional way to give the exterior of a home a holiday vibe. But candles in windows aren't just for Christmas. Ever since colonial times, people have burnt candles in windows as a welcome symbol for weary travelers. They give off a homey and inviting appeal. Try DIYing a wreath to hang a candle like this one from Remodelista. The simple greenery can make the candle feel appropriate for any season.

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    Use Metallic Ornaments

    glass ornaments

    12th and White

    While it can be hard to pass off red, green, or even blue ornaments as anything other than Christmas tree decorations, the same cannot be said for metallic ornaments. Mercury glass and silver ornaments—such as this arrangement from 12th and White—can be a great neutral decor piece. They look right at home in a bowl or glass vase, adding a touch of glamor to a space. And for Christmas, you can stick sprigs of evergreen in with them for a seasonal touch.

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    Make a Grapevine Wreath

    grapevine wreath

    Lolly Jane

    A grapevine wreath, such as this one from Lolly Jane, is one of the most versatile home accessories. For Christmas, you can tie a big festive bow on it and add pinecones, red berries, and other seasonal touches. For fall, go with a burlap ribbon and miniature pumpkins. For spring, you can add faux flowers and a faux mini bird's nest. And for summer, dress it up with large faux flowers and bright colors. Use wire to affix the design elements for easy removal. The options are virtually endless, making it much more flexible than an evergreen Christmas wreath.