10 Things Every Virgo Should Know Before Decorating Their Home

kitchen with floating shelves and calming colors

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Decorating your home can be a wonderful experience and is typically considered the most fun part of having a space to call your own. We all have our preferences and tastes that reflect our personalities. While some zodiac signs approach designing their home differently, it can be an interesting experience for certain signs, like the knowledgable and practical Virgo.

Virgo has a grounded, dependable energy that others are drawn to. They have a desire to learn about a variety of topics and care for others. They can also have a bit of a perfectionistic streak and a desire to always appear at their best, which can cause them to place a ton of pressure on themselves. So how does this affect the way they decorate their home? Check out the list below for 10 things Virgo should keep in mind as they start the process.

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    Brown Is Your Power Color

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    Every zodiac sign has a power color–for Virgos, it's brown. Power colors don't necessarily have to be your favorite hues; they simply reflect your best qualities. With brown functioning as a perfect neutral option that works well with a variety of shades, this can easily be implemented into your space. Given a sense of structure and calm to your mind, brown is a great way to set the stage for whatever else you may want to design. Whether you choose brown walls, decor, or small accents, it won't hurt to include them.

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    Minimalism Is Your Friend

    Minimalist decor

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    You have a desire to keep things organized, sleek, and calm. Minimalism is a style mostly known for its traits of simplicity–less is definitely more. By only including things that are necessary and clearing out things that no longer serve you, you create an open, peaceful atmosphere in your home that doesn't require as much cleaning or stress. Even if you don't go full minimalist, incorporating some of its practices can give you a template to work with.

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    Use Feng Shui as a Guide

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    If you're unfamiliar with the philosophy of Feng Shui, it's a practice of arranging furniture and other items in the home to help create balance and prosperity in the natural world. Many designers take feng shui into account when arranging things in a home, and you may find it gives great insight into the best areas to place things in your home. In connection with minimalism, it can give order and a sense of purpose to your home.

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    Find Multi-Purpose Furniture

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    When decorating any room in your home, it's important to ensure you're getting the most out of your purchases. One of the easiest ways to do this is to strive to get furniture that serves multiple purposes. Whether it's accent tables with built-in shelves or tables and ottomans that function as extra storage, it can be a great way to keep things out of the way without buying additional items to store things in.

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    Display Your Interests in an Aesthetic Way

    Coffee table books and a gallery wall

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    A great way to show off a bit of your personality is to display your interest in a stylish way. It can be as simple as having a few books on your coffee table about something you're knowledgeable in or creating a small gallery wall that showcases your passions. It can also function as a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

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    Use Natural Accents

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    Natural accents such as wood and leather give a grounded, earthy vibe to any room in your home. Given that your power color is brown, adding in wooden tables or leather chairs can be a great way to add depth while also incorporating your power color in the process. Also, don't be afraid to add fresh flowers throughout various places to brighten things up and add a touch of natural beauty.

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    Don't Sacrifice Comfort for Looks

    Dining room with comfort and style

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    In the mission of trying to create a sleek home with clean lines and striking precision, it can be easy to become more focused on how things look than how they feel. When your decorating areas like your living room, kitchen, or areas where you're trying to relax, keep in mind that your home should also be comfortable and a place you can unwind. Your home isn't a museum–it's the place you wake up every morning, and you spend most of your time in. There are plenty of items that achieve both comfort and style; it just takes a bit of looking.

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    Go for Calming Colors and Decor

    calming kitchen

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    You know you can be a bit of an overthinker at times, which makes creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity vital for you. If you aren't sticking to an entirely neutral color scheme, gravitate towards colors that reflect tranquility, like light blues, purples, and muted greens. As for other decor options, soft lights and warm textures like a fuzzy rug can give a peaceful vibe or artwork that showcases natural scenery.

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    Stylish Storage Options Are a Must

    stylish storage

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    Staying organized doesn't have to imply boring or dull methods. Simple fixes like woven baskets to put blankets in, floating shelves to keep items off the tables, or footstools that double as storage are great ways to keep clutter out of the way while also looking stylish.

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    Your Space Should Look like You, Not Someone Else

    personalized decor

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    In the process of searching for tips and ideas on how to decorate, it can feel easy to slip into going by the book and creating a space you've seen someone else do. While searching for inspiration is great, your practical nature can cause you to focus on creating a perfect space rather than a personal one. Regardless of the way you want to design your home, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it should look like you. It should ultimately reflect your personality, not anyone else's.