Play This Mad Lib at a Baby Shower

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To play this game the baby shower hostess creates a short story about the expecting parents. Then she removes words from the story and asks guests to give her the type of word she has removed (without actually reading the story yet). After she has substituted words in all the blank spaces, the hostess reads the revised story to the guests and usually big laughs ensue from the silliness of it.

You'll want to have as many blanks in the story as you have guests so that each guest has a chance to contribute a word to the story. Give the revised story to the expectant mom to keep.

How to Play

Here is an example story to get you started:

When Mary and Jim first met they knew right away they were destined to be together. Jim was immediately attracted to Mary's (facial feature) and Mary loved Jim's (internal organ). So in 6 months they were engaged and planned a large (household chore).

At the wedding, everyone raved about the (two wild animal names). The highlight of the evening was the (type of dance) dancing.

Before you knew it there was a (piece of hardware) in Jim's eyes. He told Mary it was time to start a (name of fruit).

After a romantic dinner of (art material) and (cleaning product), with a little (automotive product) to drink, the (verb) began.

Three weeks later Mary took a (medical test) test and they discovered the (emotion) news--she was pregnant.

Now they are busy decorating the (name of room), picking out names such as (two funny girl names) and (two funny boy names).

Most pregnant women have cravings and Mary is no exception. She has sent Jim to the store for things like a (musical instrument) and an (item of clothing). But overall the pregnancy is passing without a hitch and before you know it, the little (child's toy) will enter the world.

Download the Mad Libs app to keep the stories coming! Here are some other fun baby shower games sure to delight guests.