10 Baby Shower Mad Libs for Fun Games

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Mad Libs can be great fun for all ages, and it can make an especially hilarious game for a baby shower. You can play Mad Libs two ways. In the first way, the hostess creates a short story about the expecting parents, leaving blanks for words throughout the story. Guests who have not read the short story are asked by the hostess to shout out the type of eliminated word (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) to fill in the blanks of the story. After the words are plugged into the blank spaces, the story is read out loud, resulting in laughs all around because of its random silliness.

The second way to play Mad Libs involves printing out a set of pages for each guest. One page is the sheet with directions for coming up with random words, and the second sheet is the story with blanks that need filling in. Give guests only the first page and have them fill in the blanks. When everyone is done, hand out the second sheet with the story, and have each guest fill in the blanks with their own answers from sheet one. Have everyone read their stories out loud for the biggest belly laughs.

Here are 10 examples of Mad Libs to use as part of your repertoire of baby shower games, and the finished stories can make a memorable take-home gift for the expectant mom.

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    Tulamama's Free Printable Baby Shower Mad Lib

    If you're looking for a pretty printout of a Mad Lib game, click on Tulamama's free download. The story template, which is focused on the mom-to-be, has 40 blank words, which should be enough for every guest's participation at a large baby shower.

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    Project Nursery's Free Printable Color-Coded Mad Libs

    This color-coded Mad Lib from Project Nursery is written as advice for the mom-to-be. But as Mad Libs goes, the tips will be more funny than helpful. You can print out either blue, pink, or yellow to match gender or to remain gender-neutral.

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    Diva Girl Parties' Free Printable Adventure in Birthing Mad Lib

    Why not let the mom-to-be know what's coming with Diva Girl Parties' birthing adventure Mad Lib printable? This Mad Lib should take the edge off of Mom's birthing anxieties. The Mad Lib can be lifted right off the web and copied onto paper of your choice, or you can submit a request for a printable version.

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    BabyShowerIdeas4U's Free Printable Baby Shower Mad Libs With Motifs

    If you want a selection of different designs, head to BabyShowerIdeas4U's site. There you'll find a generous variety of colors and designs with motifs including chevrons, polka dots, florals, mustaches, cowboy hats, elephants, or whales to match the baby shower's theme. The file comes in both a PDF and JPEG measuring 5 inches by 7 inches. Note that the template provided here is only for the story and does not include a separate page where guests can list random words. You can have guests call out words to fill in the blanks.

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    GamesForBabyShower's Free Printable Advice for Parents Mad Lib

    For a quick and simple Mad Lib that includes advice for parents-to-be, head to GamesForBabyShower's site. You'll find free printables in yellow, blue, or pink. It's quick and easy, with only 20 words left blank in the story.

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    DrugStoreDivas' Free Printable Letter To Baby Mad Lib

    If you're looking for something unique and written to the baby instead of to the parents, you'll love DrugStoreDivas' Letter To Baby Mad Lib. The set comes with a template letter, parts of speech printable, and instruction page. You can use this set in the traditional way to play Mad Libs. Or you can set it up a bit differently by letting guests drop sheets of paper with their written words into bowls labeled "event," "noun," "adjective," etc. Either way, baby will have a blast reading his or her letters down the road.

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    BigDotofHappiness' Free Printable Birthing Adventure Mad Lib

    For a different birthing adventure Mad Lib printable, go to BigDotofHappiness' site. It's a sunny orange color in a modern design that's gender-neutral. The printable includes only the story.

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    LittleSizzles' Sophisticated Collection of Shower Advice Mad Lib Cards

    LittleSizzles offers pretty and chic keepsake Mad Lib advice cards for parents-to-be. You can make a purchase and print off as many of the cards as you'd like for the nominal price. Beautiful florals and a stunning nautical design make up the collection from which to choose.

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    InstantDownloadPrintables' Free Printable Woodland-Theme Mad Lib

    If you're throwing a baby shower with a woodland forest or fox theme, this Mad Lib is the perfect free printable. It's part love letter to the baby and advice to the parents mixed into one fun activity. The cards print out to measure 5 inches by 7 inches. You'll also find matching invites and other shower games with the same theme that can also be printed out for free.

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    PressPrintParty's Hilarious Baby Shower Advice Card Mad Libs

    These advice cards are a little bit different because they include a place for guests to draw the baby. You can treat this card as a Mad Lib activity to keep the mom-to-be laughing all the way to her delivery, or you can have each guest write their own genuinely helpful advice on a card.